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Finding An Appropriate Property to Buy

By: Beth Morrisey MLIS - Updated: 13 Oct 2016 | comments*Discuss
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The purchase of a property is often the biggest purchase of a person’s life, so finding a satisfactory property to buy is of the utmost importance when that person is looking to buy their own home. There are many ways of finding an appropriate property to buy, including working with an estate agent, searching property websites, reading ads, attending auctions and open houses and asking around in the local community.

Working With an Estate Agent

Many people interested in buying a house or apartment will work with an estate agent. An estate agent is a type of middle man who connects those interested in selling a house or apartment with those interested in buying a house or apartment. The benefits of working with an estate agent include that you will be able to see a variety of properties for sale and will be able to tailor your search only to the type of property you are interested in, usually only in the areas that you are interested in.

There should be no fee for those buying a property through an estate agent. The drawbacks include that you will only be able to see the properties listed with that agency and that you may not be comfortable with the level or pressure or immediacy that an agent puts on a particular property. If you are uncomfortable with a particular agent, feel free to discuss this with the agency’s manager or to leave the agency.

Searching Property Websites

Property websites have been enjoying huge popularity recently as they allow those interested in buying a house or apartment to find these properties themselves. By simply logging on and filling out the fields for where you would like to live, how much you will be able to pay, how many bedrooms you would like (and much more), you can narrow down properties to suit your specifications. Many of these properties will be listed with estate agents so you may need to contact them in order to find out more, but property websites can be a great way to get a feel for the market and find out what you can expect as standard for the properties you are interested in buying.

Reading Ads

Print ads may seem like a relic from days gone by, but don’t forget that they are yet another outlet for potential properties to buy. Whether it’s a local paper or the style section of a national publication, ads that publicise properties for sale can be a great source of inspiration for your property hunt.

Attending Auctions and Open Houses

Auctions and open houses are not for everyone, but if you enjoy getting out and about and like to have a feel for a property then you might enjoy one of these options. Auctions occur when a house or apartment will be sold on one day and to the highest bidder at that time. Sometimes auctions take place at the property to be sold and sometimes at the auctioneer’s rooms. Open houses, on the other hand, are a time when potential buyers can tour a property and in some cases make an offer on the spot or later in the day. Many open houses are advertised in local papers and community notice boards, so check them regularly if you are interested in this type of event.

Asking Around in the Local Community

Don’t underestimate the power of your relatives, friends and neighbours to know when a new property is about to hit the market. If you are looking for a house or apartment to buy in a particular area, let others know about your plans so that they can report in if they hear of anything that might be suitable for you.

Finding an appropriate property to buy is the first step to purchasing and enjoying a new home. If you are looking for an appropriate property, don’t forget that you have many options for your search and that using more than one option can help you see the most available properties in the least amount of time.

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l am in the middle of property buying process . l offered more than asking price .put 10 % depositaccording to the request of agent ,the seller accepted my offer . without any reason the seller going to sign less than my offer for another party what can l do ?
joji - 13-Oct-16 @ 6:36 PM
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