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Quiz: What Student Accommodation is Best for You?

By: Beth Morrisey MLIS - Updated: 13 Jan 2017 | comments*Discuss
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One of the most stressful aspects of attending university is finding a suitable place to live, and your search will depend in large part on knowing what type of accommodation is best for you. Your budget, study habits, social life and more will influence your options, but discovering your best bets before launching a full scale search should help you alleviate some accommodation anxiety. Take the quiz below to help determine what student accommodation is best for you.

1. You would describe yourself as:

A. Extroverted. You like to be around new people all the time.
B. Balanced. You enjoy socialising but need some time to yourself too.
C. Introverted. You do not enjoy socialising or meeting new people.

2. You look at change as:

A. Exciting, especially when everyone else tells you how fun something is.
B. Interesting, you like to experience new things for yourself.
C. Horrifying, and you try to avoid too much at once.

3. When you think about the cost of living as a student, you:

A. Prefer to see what the university charges for most things.
B. Like to research the university location and negotiate on your own.
C. Know that not having to pay for accommodation will help your budget immensely.

4. Your private space is:

A. Not private at all, it’s fine if anyone wants to visit or borrow things.
B. Defined, but your happy to share with some people.
C. Precious, and always locked.

5. When it comes to cooking and cleaning you:

A. Prefer to pay someone for that, or just not do it at all.
B. Don’t mind pitching in.
C. Like the way it was always organised in your family.

6. Your study habits lean towards:

A. Big group discussions, the more the merrier.
B. Talking things over with a couple other students.
C. Solitary reading and writing.

7. When you think about university, you know you want to be near campus:

A. All the time.
B. Most of the time.
C. For classes.

8. Your daily schedule:

A. Is always up in the air.
B. Has a general flow to it.
C. Runs like clockwork.

9. Having to follow rules:

A. Doesn’t bother you, there’s always a way around them anyway.
B. Is fine, as long as they’re reasonable and you’ve agreed to them.
C. Is a fact of life.

10. To you, attending university means:

A. Getting out on your own and doing your own thing.
B. Taking a step towards becoming an independent adult.
C. Adding a new class schedule to your life.

What Student Accommodation Is Best For You?

Mostly “A”s - then halls of residence might be the best student accommodation for you. You are a social person and halls of residence offer no shortage of new friends. You are also just fine with limited privacy and easy access to all of the activities found on a university campus, both of which make living right in the middle of everything a good idea. Prior to selecting a university, research its accommodation options, associated costs and any particular application process you must complete so you don’t miss your chance to live in halls of residence if you so desire.

Mostly “B”s - then a private rental might be the best student accommodation for you. You like the idea of moving out on your own and organising your life as you see fit, but you don’t necessarily want to do this in an accommodation associated with your university. Ask current students for information on safe and accessible areas around the university and go online, read local newspapers and look at notice boards to get a feel for common rental rates and house mate arrangements. If you do decide on a private rental, be prepared to pay a deposit prior to moving in and sign a lease so that there are no surprises for you or your landlord.

Mostly “C”s - then living at home might be the best student accommodation for you. You don’t have much inclination to make major changes in your life right now, and you know that the more public mode of living at university is not for you. Just make sure you have a reliable method of getting to university each day, and that you’ll be able to work out a class and study schedule that won’t frustrate you or your family. Also speak with you family about your social life and what will be expected of you when you attend university and work out the “terms” of your continued residence at home to avoid frustration later.

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Choosing between halls and home is almost as difficult as choosing which pub to get spasticated at.
Robert Pope - 13-Jan-17 @ 2:57 PM
HEY, Looking for advice, I would really love to live in shared accommodation but i'm very insecure about my weight and wouldn't want my privacy intruded on, I like to spend time alone.
Frazer welch - 13-Jan-17 @ 2:54 PM
BRILLIANT READ! thankyou so much for the INFO
JAKAIR - 13-Jan-17 @ 2:50 PM
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